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Martin Fakley

Martin Fakley is an independent innovation, strategy and technology consultant.

Martin has 25 years’ business experience, including 18 years with ICI in a variety of technical, commercial and management roles including R&D, new business development, and the licensing of environmental catalytic processes. He spent 5 years as the R&D Director of Permabond, the structural adhesives business of National Starch and Chemical.

Martin gained his consulting experience developing technology and innovation strategy at the centre of the ICI Group of companies. He has advised the leaders of some of the UK’s largest businesses on research, new business development and business strategy via the UK’s Technology Forum.  He was responsible for Technology Roadmapping and green chemical technology work for Crystal Faraday clients; he also works in the University sector, specialising in entrepreneurship, chemical catalysis and routes to chemicals and polymers from renewable feedstocks.

Martin trained as a chemist, with a BSc and PhD from the University of Sussex, Brighton, before joining ICI Corporate Laboratory in Runcorn. From there he transferred to ICI Agricultural Division R&D and subsequently worked in business development for what became ICI Synetix (now part of Johnson-Matthey) where he was responsible, amongst other things, for starting a business in environmental catalysis.

After 3 years as a corporate innovation and technology strategist, in 2000 he transferred to Permabond as Global Development Director responsible for R&D and Quality Assurance (Permabond, the structural adhesives business of National Starch and Chemical, was acquired by ICI from Unilever in 1997). Whilst there, he served on the Research Board of TWI (The Welding Institute).

When Permabond was part sold and restructured into the Bondmaster business of National Starch in late 2003, Martin left to start his own business as a Technology Strategist. He now operates as an Adviser to the DTI’s Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.  He is a Chartered Chemist, a Chartered Scientist and an Associate Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Technology and Materials Cycles at the University of Surrey.



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