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Welcome to

'We need to improve our profitability...what strategy should we choose to get there?'

'We need to develop new, sustainable products.  How do we become more innovative?'

'I need to improve the speed and success rate of new products launched into our markets.  What should we do differently?'

We are looking to invest in a new start-up company. Is the technology unique, competitive and viable?

U4RIC LIMITED is a UK based business consultancy led by Technology Strategist, Dr. Martin Fakley providing a diverse range of services for new and growing businesses.

We specialise in many areas of the Business, including; Research, Development, Sustainable Innovation, Management, Strategy and Planning, Green Chemical Technology, Catalysis, Adhesives and Routes to Chemicals and Polymers from Renewable Feedstocks. Our focused services are affordable and value enhancing for the growing, as well as the new, business.

We provide practical, long lasting, hands-on business solutions to a myriad of questions from our clients facing the challenge of sustainable but profitable growth. Use these pages to discover more about us, or get in touch to see how we can help your enterprise break new ground.

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